Definition of PodCast

Latin - Orcus Hailmarium To chuck a family of whales (Old English - Blubber Hurl)


Andy and Tyler, the two greatest comic minds of our time, lay waste to the topics of the day. Sports, politics, pop culture and news are all beaten into comedic submission on a weekly basis. Come listen to the brilliance and weep openly at how much less funny you are by comparison.

Hosts: Andy, Tyler
Monday Night Flaw - Pro Wrestling Comedy Fun!

Your headquarters for everything you never wanted to know about WWE, ECW, TNA, WWF, WCW, MRSA, LPGA, CIA, FBI, and AIDS. Hosted by the least informed individuals we could afford.

Hosts: Andy, Chris, James, Bartow

Andy and Zurcher watch awful movies and make them funny by saying funny things. Then you listen to them while you watch the awful movie and laugh and laugh and laugh. At least that's how it's supposed to work.

Hosts: Andy, Zurcher
Wait 'Til Next Year

Solly, Mikey, and Turd bring you quite possibly our most depressing offering to date, their take on our nation's pastime, and depending on how the season turns out, possibly our first on-air suicide. Fun! (WARNING - All episodes are NSFW!)

Hosts: Solly, Mikey, Turd
Gamer And Proud

A podcast about gaming by a couple of guys who like gaming.

Hosts: Chris, Jon
Beer Money

Beer Money is your home away from home (unless you're listening at home) for hockey and just about anything else you can imagine on the Flawedcast Network. Side effects may include, but are not limited to, fun and frivolity. Also, hangovers. Join Solly and Hodgey on their weekly look at all of the things. Okay, some of the things.

Hosts: Hodgey, Solly
The NB A-Holes

The number one hole on the internet and the Flawedcast Network's comprehensive podcast on the NBA and other stuff: The NBA Hole!

Hosts: Bartow, Malcolm
Revenge of Mr Canada

Find the best and brightest Canadian independent and emerging music right here in this weekly spotlight. I love to hear your feedback.

Hosts: Mr Canada
Stick 20: The USMNT Soccer Podcast

USMNT Soccer Podcast featuring Steve Kopera and Jon Drouin www.facebook.com/StickTwenty

Hosts: Steve Kopera, Jon Drouin
Axiom of Answers

Andrew Fraser from Pantsnet.ca and Aaron Gaston are two of the smartest people in North America, nay the world, and these two great minds have decided to bring you the most informative podcast in all of the land. Space, tech, answers, SCIENCE! Give it a listen. Or don't, your loss.

Hosts: Andrew, Aaron
Demko's Dungeon

Michael Demko interviews podcast hosts from the Flawedcast Network, and beyond! Hear them all get locked in THE DUNGEON!

Hosts: Michael Demko
Army of Dorkness

Welcome to the Army of Dorkness podcast! Hosted by 'The Golden Voice of the Flawedcast Network' James Ryan and 'The Decepticon Queen' Maria LeDestroyer! Topics range from movies, comic books, role playing games, toys, and all things that fall under the auspices of Dork, Nerd, and Geek. The show also employs a special 'Sound Drop 9000' system in which you may hear movie quotes, songs, and other Easter Eggs during the episode! We Want You to enlist into the Army of Dorkness!

Hosts: James, Phil
Flawedcast Presents

Show Description

Hosts: Various
Offensive Foul

Paul and Brad love sports. A lot. They also enjoy drinking, cursing, and arguing (especially Brad). Offensive Foul gives the two of them the outlet to do all of these things as they talk about what matters most to them in the world of sports. To these guys, sports isn't just stats and winning percentages, it's about the athletes themselves. Their character flaws, their weird shaped heads, their inability to be productive members of society. You know, all the fun stuff. And yes, we swear, a lot. Offensive Foul is, to say the least, not for the faint of heart.

Hosts: Paul, Brad
Scott & Doug Podcast Programme

Scott and Doug cover the sports news of the world with a Canadian sensibility. Which means we invariably end up talking about hockey. Have a listen, eh?

Hosts: Scott, Doug
Honcho's Running Show

Mike Honcho is a runner. And he's going to inspire you to run like him. Let's RUN!

Hosts: Mike Honcho
Jobbers' Theory Of Evolution

Chris and his teenage brother-in-law Jake discuss sports, music, pop culture, pro wrestling and more from their two different generational perspectives.

Hosts: Christopher, Jake
All Nitro Long

Andy and Clifford go back in time to watch and review and make fun of episodes of WCW Nitro 20 years after they originally aired.

Hosts: Andy, Clifford
Ancient Aztec Podcast

James Ryan and Scott Taylor bring you coverage of the greatest professional wrestling program ever, Lucha Underground. We don't take the wrestling, or ourselves too seriously. We make jokes. Good ones. Join us on this journey, won't you?

Hosts: James, Scott
Time Limit Draw

Welcome to Time Limit Draw! Our hosts "Southern Comfort" Michael Watson and "The Golden Voice" James Ryan review, rehash, and recoil at the best and the worst of WWE, WCW, and ECW ppvs and supershows from a generation back.

Hosts: people