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Andrew Fraser from and Aaron Gaston are two of the smartest people in North America, nay the world, and these two great minds have decided to bring you the most informative podcast in all of the land. Space, tech, answers, SCIENCE! Give it a listen. Or don't, your loss.

Hosts: Andrew, Aaron

Episode Details

Episode Number: 13
Episode Title: Nothing says I love you like a strip club dinner.
Released: Mon, 3 Mar 2014 23:55:41
Length: 00:42:55

In today's episode we talk about Mantis shrimp hunting and answer Paterfamilias's email about black Holes and Sony getting out of the laptop biz. From there Aaron lays down some relationship math and gives you listeners some really solid dating advice on how to stay single. As always you're welcome.


Download: AOA-013.mp3


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